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dude this was so funny amazing game, love the spin on the dating sim :D

I loved playing this:)

This is by far the strangest game i have ever played, and i loved every second of it

This is a very funny game it reminds me of super seducer 2

This is a unique date game...I would like to give this 200/110's a different take on dating simulators..Need more games like this...Great Job on the work you guys do...P.S. Very well done and I think your attractive (just saying)

Thank you so much, I'm very flattered! And very happy to hear you enjoyed the game :D 

I love you.

interesting game

i actually enjoyed failing and trying other choices to go further and further each time

I think you should add subtitles to it. It's sometimes hard to catch what are you saying.

But consequences of some choices are like wtf xD

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Hey sorry for late review about your game!! Finally I able to upload it!! I had Lots of Fun making different choices and  find coolest ending!! I hope you guys will be able to see my review of your guys game!! Honestly your guys game is pretty good based on how you guys set it up!! Short sweet simulator with funny comedy!! It was quite impreesive!! Keep up the good work guys!! looking forward what you have stored for us  near!! Future!! I wish you all good luck coming awesome gaming developer making awesome game!!

Thank you so much for playing it! I really appreciate you taking the time to review it, and I am so happy you enjoyed it :D 

looking forward to see in the future what other amazing content you guys will come up with keep up the good work!!


This is not even funny